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About Philosophy of Mykonos

Life is made up of memories; the beautiful experiences that linger. We offer a basketful of moments to cherish.

Every great story begins with a thrilling start. Our name, Philosophy, draws from the ancient Greek 'Philos' (love) and 'Sophia' (wisdom), reflecting our desire to kindle a deep, enduring love for wisdom in every guest at Philosophy of Mykonos. Every visit here is an invitation to explore, learn, and love the richness of Greek culture, history, and philosophy.

Unforgettable Memories

The golden Amarandos flower, an age-old symbol of eternal love, graces our brand. Just as this flower never fades, our commitment to creating enduring, cherished memories for our guests remains unwavering. The Amarandos is a testament to the enduring bonds we forge with our visitors, bonds that persist long after their stay. Every detail, every amenity, every interaction here is designed to make your vacation one for the ages, from the locally inspired decor that mirrors the island's soul to the warm smiles of our staff who share the Mykonian way of life. Here, surrounded by the sun, sea, and shared moments, you’ll realize that living doesn’t get much better, much freer, than this.

Boundless Wisdom and Beauty

The owl, a harbinger of wisdom in ancient Greece, signifies our pursuit of enlightenment. Like the owl, we have a unique vision, allowing us to uncover the hidden gems of Greece even in the darkest of nights. Our mission is to reveal the "unseen side of things" to our guests and reveal the authentic, often hidden, facets of this Cycladic gem, Mykonos.

At Philosophy of Mykonos, you have front-row seats to one of nature’s greatest spectacles. You can find luxury in the quiet moments, like soaking in the sunset from our room balconies; feeling the gentle breeze wafting in from the Aegean Sea; or savoring the rich flavors of the Greek cuisine.

The island of Mykonos how once was

We build the bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary luxury. Aspired to awaken the senses, inviting guests to partake in an immersive voyage that transcends time. "Philosophy" is not just a name; it's an invitation to explore the boundless wisdom and beauty that Greece has to offer, both ancient and modern.

We are guided by authenticity, simplicity, and wisdom. We immerse our guests in genuine Greek experiences, offering minimalist yet luxurious accommodations that let the soul, mind and body unwind and reconnect with life's simple pleasures. Our curated experiences enlighten and transform, showcasing the rich culture, history, and philosophy of Greece.

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